Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Use Massage To Help Defeat Your Insomnia

by Adrian Simmmons

As high as 30 to 35 percent of American adults deal with occasional insomnia symptoms — and if you're among this group, you know just how disruptive even mild insomnia can be. Struggling to fall asleep and sleep through the night isn't just a hassle when it's dark; insomnia can make you tired for days at a time, making you feel miserable during many of your waking hours. If you haven't tried massage as a method of addressing your insomnia, it's time to take action. This gentle practice can be hugely beneficial in helping you to defeat this pesky condition. Here are some ways that your massage therapist can help.

Smartly Timed Massages

Getting a massage at the right time of the day will help. When you call your local massage clinic to book a treatment, you'll typically be asked if you have a specific issue that you hope the treatment will help. When you indicate that you're struggling with insomnia, the massage therapist will often advocate scheduling your appointment for the evening. Many clinics offer evening hours, which can be ideal for those with insomnia. You'll experience the deeply relaxing benefits of the massage, and then be able to go straight home to bed.

Purchase Of Essential Oils

Many massage therapy clinics sell products to promote various types of health, including things that can benefit those with insomnia. You'll often find that massage therapists advocate the use of essential oils for relaxation — these products may be used during the massage itself, and you may be able to buy essential oils to take home with you. Lavender essential oil, in particular, may help promote relaxation, thus helping you to sleep more soundly. This essential oil can also be valuable to reducing anxiety, which may help if your mind is stressed at night.

Instruction Of Self-Massage Techniques

You can also ask your massage therapist to share any self-massage techniques that may help you sleep better. Therapists are happy to teach you things that you can do between appointments to help with whatever issue you want to address. Your massage therapist will show you how to apply pressure with your fingers to various parts of your body as you lie in bed to help with relaxation. For example, gently kneading your scalp and temples can help you relax, which may be pivotal in your ability to drift off to sleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.

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Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

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