Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Benefits of Reflexology in Your Home or With the Help of a Professional Therapist

by Adrian Simmmons

Reflexology is a therapeutic way of relieving pain with the goal being to improve your health throughout your entire body. This method is used to stimulate pressure points that are located on your feet. You have the option of being treated by a professional reflexologist, but you also can obtain the benefits of reflexology by simply self-applying reflexology on your own in your home. It's worth the try especially since the therapeutic benefits are so rewarding.

Therapeutic Benefits of Reflexology

The science of reflexology is based on the theory that your feet and hands have reflex or zone areas that interact with all glands, organs, body parts, and other systems in your body. The science of reflexology means that you'll use a specified thumb, finger, and hand techniques to press on specific points. This activity then reduces your body's stress levels. Stress level reduction works to promote positive physiological changes that are capable of healing a number of ailments you experience.

Correlation Between Reflexology and Improved Symptoms

The consensus of research opinion is that there is a distinct correlation between reflexology and your improved symptoms. Outcome of clinical trials determine that reflexology is effective for treating diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, symptomatic idiopathic detrusor over-activity, dementia, and premenstrual syndrome.

Benefiting Your Healthy Body

Not only does reflexology heal your symptomatic systems and make you whole again, but the science is also used to maintain you when you are healthy. Reflexology does so by boosting your circulation, thoroughly cleaning your urinary tract, stimulating nerve function, and increasing your energy status. The science of reflexology also prevents terrible migraine headaches and eliminates toxins from your body. In targeting special points or zones on your body, reflexology uses the identical principles of acupressure, wherein pressure is applied to a zone area, to offer you relief from your symptoms.

Performing Foot Massage on Your Own

You've probably at the end of a tiresome day just simply sat down in a comfortable chair in your home and then used your hand to rub your feet and toes. What you probably didn't know is that you were starting the science of reflexology, since it begins with what you just did. Now all you have to do is lift up one foot and place it on the knee of your other leg. That will enable you to easily rub and massage the bottom of your foot.

Do not slouch when you perform this activity, but sit up with your back straight. Determine where you want to start applying pressure to, and use an acupressure foot chart to guide you along. Find the targeted area upon your foot so that you can begin manipulating the targeted area. Now use your thumb to press and rub the area for a few minutes. You can perform this type of massage daily. 

For more information about reflexology, talk to a specialist at a facility like Body Sense.


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Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

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