Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Keep Those Massage Benefits Going After The Massage Is Over

by Adrian Simmmons

If you are planning to get a massage, you may be looking forward to that feeling of serenity and well-being. But what you really want to do is make that feeling last. Getting a massage doesn't mean much if you place yourself in physically or emotionally stressful circumstances right after the massage. When you call to schedule your massage at a location like Lavida Massage of Staten Island, schedule it for a day when you can control your circumstances and environment completely for a few hours after the massage.

Avoid Large Amounts of Caffeine, Loud Noise, and Stressful News

When the massage is over, you're going to be relaxed and calm—but also very emotionally and physically open to stimuli. Avoid stressful news and situations (don't go back to work if you hate your job), and avoid loud noises and energetic music. The last thing you want is for your blood to be pumping and your blood pressure to rise—the massage was supposed to calm those, and the music and noise aren't going to help.

Also avoid large amounts of caffeine. Green tea might be OK, but avoid coffee, energy drinks, mass amounts of chocolate, and other caffeine-containing concoctions. The caffeine can get you physically revved up, and that's the opposite of what you want to be after a massage.

Drink Water and Eat Lightly

Also avoid downing heavy foods and large amounts of sugary or fatty treats and drinks. Avoid soda and even juice—go for water. Tea might be fine if it's mild. Like noise and stressful news, heavy foods can make you feel off-balance and not calm. Becoming dehydrated is also stressful for your body, so sip water throughout the rest of the day.

Nap if Possible

What would really be best is if you could just nap for a while. Find a quiet place in your home and lie down, letting your body relax and enjoy the feeling of the massage. If this isn't possible, try sitting quietly for a while and just clear your mind. Don't get overly involved in your thoughts, and repeat a calming mantra if you want.

If possible, scheduling for an afternoon massage would be great because you can go straight home, drink some water, and go to sleep early. Your sleep schedule won't be thrown off much by that, and you will be ready to face the world the next morning. Just remember to breathe.


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Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

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