Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Facial Massage Styles You Can Try For Healthier Skin

by Adrian Simmmons

When you want younger looking, smoother skin, sometimes going back to natural remedies can yield you the best results. Massage for the face can work wonders in rejuvenating older skin, boosting collagen production, relaxing stubborn muscles, and reducing fine lines with the use of oils and clay. Here are some facial massage techniques you can consider for your skin for a healthy, youthful glow.

Charcoal mask

Charcoal is a porous substance that soaks up toxins like a sponge. Just as it is often given to animals who have accidentally ingested toxins to soak them in and flush them out, charcoal does this for the face. As it dries it sucks up deep dirt and other blockages in the skin that cause blackheads, boils, and more. Ask for a charcoal mask to be incorporated into your facial prior to having your face massaged.


If you are suffering from migraines, a facial tic, or other irritating issue, then acupuncture can work wonders for you. Tiny needles are gently pressed into certain pressure points of your face, including around your eyes, lips, and even near your ears, to help muscles function more easily and reduce pain and inflammation. When getting this kind of facial massage it's best to seek out a chiropractor or natural health practitioner who are skilled in the technique.

Essential oil

Essential oils not only smell great, they have many health benefits when applied topically. Lavender soothes sore muscles and is a relaxing agent, as is peppermint or chamomile essential oils. Tea tree oil is an astringent, and lemongrass is uplifting. Other oils, such as ginger, work to relieve infection from acne and can work on rejuvenating the skin for a more youthful look. These oils are gently massaged into the scalp, around the lips, and on the neck to make your skin more vibrant. Talk to your massage therapist about the kinds of essential oils you can mix together for a custom massage perfect for your skin's needs.

As you prepare to get a facial massage, make sure to drink lots of water beforehand and avoid eating processed foods. Healthy fruits and vegetables are excellent snack choices in the hours approaching your appointment. Staying hydrated and consuming natural foods helps reduce the amount of toxins in your body and helps you get the most out of your facial massage. Talk to your massage therapist or Gulf Coast Massage & Skin Care about other ways you can keep your skin healthy.


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Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

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