Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

How Massage Therapy Can Help You During Pregnancy

by Adrian Simmmons

If you're pregnant and having discomfort from back or hip pain, a gentle massage might help. You'll want to get approval from your doctor before getting a massage because in some cases, it's best to avoid a massage during pregnancy. If your doctor says it's okay, then you may find a massage helps relieve your pain as well as reduce your stress. Here's how massage can help.

Promotes Relaxation And Better Sleep

One of the great benefits of a gentle massage is that it is so relaxing. This is important when you're under stress during your pregnancy. You may worry about the health of your baby or your financial situation. Worry often leads to tense muscles and pain. Muscle tension can keep you from getting a good night's sleep. Massage is very relaxing. By getting regular massage treatments, you'll have regular periods of deep relaxation that allow you to sleep better and feel more rested. Pregnancy is an amazing time and you don't want to spend it tense and irritable when learning to relax will make the time pass more smoothly.

Relieves Pain In Your Hips And Back

As the baby grows and puts pressure on your back muscles, your body gets pulled out of alignment. You may develop muscle strains or pinched nerves. This causes hip pain and lower back pain. A massage can help these problems by working out knots in your muscles. Your massage therapist will adapt the session to your condition. You'll probably be positioned on your side with a bolster to support your body. The therapist will usually avoid your abdomen and maybe even your legs. In addition, deep massage techniques may be avoided. The therapist may concentrate on your lower back and hips to help relieve pain and reduce the risk of developing pain between sessions. Also, with the extra weight gain you have during pregnancy, you may experience foot pain. Nothing feels better than a foot massage when your feet are exhausted and in pain.

Enhances Circulation

Your blood volume increases during pregnancy and your circulation may become sluggish. This is what causes your ankles to swell. By using gentle massage techniques, your therapist can enhance the circulation throughout your body. By improving circulation to the deep tissues, nourishment and oxygenation increases. This helps tiny muscles tears to heal faster rather than cause pain. It helps keep you flexible and limber. Improved circulation may even help with joint pain. Massage might also help with ankle swelling, although you'll want to get approval from your doctor before having your legs massaged to rule out problems with blood clots. If your therapist massages your legs, he or she will use light, gentle strokes that move blood towards your heart so circulation is enhanced.

You can receive massages throughout your pregnancy since the therapist will adjust the type of massage you get to fit your condition. Just like massage has many health benefits for the general population, it will benefit you when you're pregnant. Just be sure to clear the treatments with your doctor first and find a massage therapist with training and experience in working with pregnant clients. For more information about massage, visit a business such as Zianna Spa and Wellness.  


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Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

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