Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

4 Tips For Self Massaging During Allergy Season

by Adrian Simmmons

Allergies are the most irritating problem people deal with, especially during the spring season when allergies are generally more active. Luckily, there are many ways to deal with the problems of allergies including medicines, but even more beneficial is natural care, which includes self massaging. Here are four tips on how you can incorporate self massaging to combat your problems with allergies:

  1. Relieve Sinus Pressure: To relieve sinus pressure, you can place your hands right at the front of your neck and above the collar bone and gentle push down. This is going to help pull the fluid down and away from the sinuses. 
  2. Drain the Sinuses: The best way to drain the sinuses would be to place your fingers in the inner corners of the eyebrows and push down towards the nose. This is going to help push the fluid drain to clear your clogged nose and get rid of any headache that is associated with it. Just be sure that when you do this, you are sitting up and looking down. Otherwise, it's more difficult for the fluid to fully be drained. 
  3. Relieve Head Congestion: Head congestion is one of the worst problems allergy suffers deal with. This is because it makes you feel extremely tired and uncomfortable during the day. To relieve this, you will want to put your middle fingers underneath your cheekbones in line with the middle of your eye and then the index fingers next to the nose and push up. Just be sure that you do this gently and you should notice some instant relief. 
  4. Relieve Back Headache: If your head is throbbing from the back, which is another common problem when dealing with congestion, you can put your fingers at the base of your skull. You should notice a couple of hollow spots here right above the neck. From here, continue rubbing gently and it can relieve that pressure that you are feeling back there. 
  5. Relieve Coughing: If you are suffering from a cough, you can also relieve this with self massaging by pushing in right underneath the collarbone and next to the breastbone where there is a hollow space. Be sure that you are pushing in towards the chest to relieve your cough. 

When you consider these five tips, you can easily relieve some problems that are bothering you this allergy season. You should also consider meeting with a massage therapy professional during this time of year for further relief since they can reach places you are not able to that also help to combat problems with allergies. 


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Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

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