Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Relax, Baby! 4 Felicitous Ways to Foil Stress During Pregnancy

by Adrian Simmmons

There is no greater time to learn how to lower the effects of stress in your life than when you're pregnant. Prolonged stress not only harms you, but it can lead to things like premature delivery, low birth-weight, and other frightening complications; thus, if you're feeling frazzled and burned out all the time, you need a fast remedy. Choose from one or more of the following stress-lowering techniques, ASAP.

1. Quick & Quiet Breaks

Whether you're facing a ferocious boss or rude receptionist, there are numerous times throughout the day where you need to "leave" without actually being able to remove yourself from the situation. Learn how to take a meditation vacation, no matter where you are:

  • Assume a comfortable (as much as possible, in the situation) position.
  • Close your eyes or focus them on a fixed object.
  • Breathe normally, just "follow" the breaths as they enter and exit your body.
  • Tune out sounds and imagine each breath you take in strengthens you, while each you put out relieves you.

Such a technique may need to be modified, according to your location and the people who happen to be watching you; however, it's an effective way to disperse incoming stress. 

2. To-Do Lists That Make You Feel Good

When you're feeling overwhelmed, pick up a notepad and start writing things you want to do for your baby, from painting the nursery to teaching music to building a quintessential swing in the backyard. Making the list will take your mind off your immediate source of woe and worry, leaving you feeling lifted and fortunate, having so much to look forward to.

3. Relaxing Music—Especially When You're in Traffic 

Although the benefits of music for a fetus are speculative, when you relax and enjoy the soothing sounds, that mood you get in is definitely good for your baby. If you have a hectic commute in a car or on the subway, bring along music specifically designed to ease and empower the soul. Antonio Vivaldi's Le Quattro Stagioni (Four Seasons), for example, is a favorite the world over for anyone in need of a tension remedy.

4. Prenatal Massage Therapy

The physical strain of pregnancy also bears heave upon a woman's body and there's barely a better remedy than prenatal massage therapy. With your aching back, sore sides, swollen feet, stiff neck and more, you probably feel like the baby you're going to bear is actually an 18-wheeler. Massage during pregnancy melts away stress, relieves muscle and joint pain and may even shorten your labor, along with other hyper-happy benefits. Massage therapy may also allow you to make special requests with techniques and positions, to customize your comfort and maximize relief.

Mastering stress-reduction techniques won't just help you through pregnancy, they'll benefit you far beyond into motherhood. Apply these techniques on mornings when you're only running on a few hours of (interrupted) sleep, your daycare raises its rates (again) or the world at large has you worried about how things will be when your baby is older. Stress is an inevitable aspect of life for everyone; however, when you learn to deal with it effectively, things are put in a more positive perspective and negativity tends to fade into the background, where it belongs.


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Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

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