Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

Learning About The Benefits Of Massage

The Importance Of Scheduling A Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Liposuction

by Adrian Simmmons

Although some patients do not grasp the gravity of receiving liposuction, the reality is that this process entails major surgery. And during the fat removal process, there is an increased risk of damage to the lymphatic system, which comprises lymph vessels, connective tissues, and more that are tasked with the transportation and elimination of lymphatic fluid. Lymphatic fluid comprises the proteins, salts, and waste materials produced by the cells in your body.

When the lymphatic system is compromised during liposuction, your body loses its ability to get rid of the lymphatic fluid, allowing it to collect in your body. Before you know it, you will have symptoms such as hardening of scar tissue and swelling, which would interfere with the results that you anticipate from the liposuction procedure. Fortunately, this can be prevented with a lymphatic drainage massage. Keep reading for the importance of scheduling a post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction.

Post-surgical lymphatic drainage massages will minimize the threat of complications

All forms of major surgery pose a risk of post-operative complications. However, the invasive nature of liposuction procedures, which entail the insertion of the cannula, the breaking down of the fat cells, and finally fat removal, will lead to severe tissue disruption. This tissue disruption greatly increases the risk of patients developing edema, which is a condition that comes about when excessive volumes of lymphatic fluid accumulate inside the body.

When your body develops edema, it cannot transport immune cells effectively to the areas that need it, and this increases the risk of post-operative complications in the form of bleeding, infections, swelling, scarring, and so on. When you schedule a post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage, you are proactively limiting your risk for these complications since the massage helps with bolstering your body's immune response while spontaneously eliminating the excess lymphatic fluid.

Post-surgical lymphatic drainage massages will accelerate post-operative recovery

The second reason why you should schedule a post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction is to improve your chances of healing quickly. During the lymphatic drainage massage, the manipulations help with bolstering circulation in your body. As a result, the lymphatic fluid is inhibited from collecting in one or more areas, which helps with mitigating the risk of swelling. 

In addition to this, the increased circulation brought about by the lymphatic drainage massage will help ensure that any blood cells that were trapped during the liposuction procedure are now set free and this helps with reducing the threat of blood clots forming while decreasing post-operative bruising. The faster your post-operative recovery time, the quicker you get to enjoy your liposuction results.

Schedule a post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage today.


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